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The weight loss is a thing full of struggle. It is not an easy task, a lot of exercise and dieting is required. But there are some weight loss surgeries which can truly help you in making a contouring body. And one of the best surgery is bariatric sleeve surgery.

What is gastric sleeve surgery?

A weight loss surgery sleeve is a procedure in which about 75% to 80% of your stomach is removed so that it appears like a tube or a sleeve. This tube accumulates lessfood in the stomach and therefore encourage weight loss.

This bariatric surgery gastric sleeve is not the same as other surgeries as the food entering in your tube-like stomach follows a normal routine and that is why there are no absorption difficulties. Many people found this vertical gastric sleeve surgery a useful one for the treatment of their weight loss. 

Gastric sleeve surgery procedure

The procedure of the stomach sleeve surgery is simple, the surgeon makes you fall asleep through general anesthesia. The laparoscopic gastric sleeve surgery is performed with the help of a laparoscope which has a tiny camera attached with it.

Small incisions are made on your abdomen in this sleeve surgery and the laparoscope and other instruments are passed inside the stomach to give it a tubular structure. The second step in the procedure is gastric sleeve bypass surgery in which the small part of your intestine is joined to the small hole in your pouch.

The procedure of bariatric surgery gastric sleeve is about 60-90 minutes and the sleeve bypass surgery make fewer absorption of calories.   

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Cost of gastric sleeve surgery

The geographical area and the other things such as your medical condition, the surgery requirements, hospital, surgeon and more, the gastric sleeve surgery cost varies.

Many of the insurance company help you to cover the cost of the surgery but only for those who deserve the insurance. The stomach sleeve surgery cost is affordable and does not empty your pockets much. And as it not experimental anymore you get the insurance easily for it. 

Recovering from gastric sleeve surgery

You have to stay in the hospital for 1 or 2 days after the bariatric sleeve surgery. There may be discomfort due to pain and for that, you should take proper medicines. You should keep yourself away from bath up to four weeks so that the incisions heal faster.

Till the discharge, you should be in a strictly liquid diet after this vertical sleeve surgery. Your surgeon will guide you for all different physical activities and should avoid heavy work after the surgery for some weeks.


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