Department of Neonatology

The Department of Neonatology offers specialized care to the premature babies and new born babies with complications to ensure better care by employing robust therapeutic techniques including artificial life support and infection control systems. Neonatal unit at Virinchi Hospitals is one of the advanced centres with specialized incubators integrated with modern technology to measure critical parameters like blood pressure, oxygen levels and other crucial parameters.

A qualified team of neonatologists along with an experienced ICU team deals with complicated surgical cases and the babies born with complicated health conditions to offer specialized care within the first hour of birth of the babies. The care begins even before the birth of the baby with improved investigations in the form of fetal echo and ultrasound of the head.

The department is well equipped with neonatal ICUs, ultrasonography equipment, endoscopic equipment. A team with specialization across several paediatric sub specialities has immense experience to deal with all types of congenital anomalies.