Blood Bank Serivices

Blood is a life saviour and is often in short supply. The requirement of blood and its components is immense for the patients who need this precious resource on many occasions apart from surgery. At Virinchi Hospitals, we provide both blood and blood components including platelet concentrates, saline washed packed blood cells, fresh frozen plasma and cryoprecipitate to ensure the most effective utilization of blood. We have set in place internal quality parameters and also abide to international quality standards. In addition, we also encourage the participation in external quality assessment programs.

We have a “round-the-clock” laboratory testing facility spread over 2500 square feet. Blood bank services are closely associated with the laboratory, which is well-equipped with the robust and sophisticated blood analysers that are completely integrated with the Laboratory Information System (LIS). Consistent quality measures that are inclusive of stringent quality parameters and blood testing parameters ensure highest quality of blood and blood components.


  • Round the clock functioning
  • Home blood collection services
  • Trained and qualified team
  • Sophisticated equipment
  • Bi-directional interface analysers
  • Integrated laboratory information system
  • Bar-code identification system
  • Quality assurance programmes