Once patient is advised for admission,concerned GRE will do the financial counseling and give estimation for the proposed treatment which has no hidden charges. After Patient’s admission is done, the concerned GRE will visit patient’s room everyday. If there are any changes in the plan of care or any deviation from treatment plan, we will bring it to the patient /Attendants notice and will document the same. If there is any change in the final bill within the package we promise that we wont charge the patient.

For the Insurance patients we will send the estimate along with the pre-authorization and other required documents to the concerned insurance team.We will keep updating the patient/Attendant if there are any changes in treatment plan or in estimation. PSU’S (Govt sectors) will be provided with an estimation summary for which they need to get approval from their concerned unit.

“What we promise we do, What we do we promise”.

Estimations at Virinchi Hospitals have no hidden charges.We have designed the estimations to make patients financially comfortable. We are even providing an EMI facility to the patients to reduce the financial burden on them. We share our care with the community as a family thus reaching our goal to reach the threshold of quality healthcare service guarantee.

Continuous Billing

The sales, services and consumables pertaining to every patient in the hospital are updated by a nurse on the EMR(Electronic Medical record) which is connected to the various service areas of the hospital. Once the services are utilized the charges would be posted in the patient’s bills and this is instantaneously updated in the hospital’s billing system

If there exists any deviation in the plan of care/course of treatment the patient/attenders would be counselled regarding the same by the consultant, the GRE would explain the financial aspects to the patient and the patients family.

The continuous billing process at the hospital with the usage of Electronic Medical Record enables cutting down the discharge time to a large extent expressing patient convenience and satisfaction.We strive to achieve a discharge time not exceeding 30 minutes.

Insurance Billing

From the time patient is advised for the admission till discharge we are there to support you. Once the patient is advised for admission our GRE will collect the necessary documents from the patient and forward it for pre-authorization approval. Simultaneously the patient will be admitted and plan of care will be continued accordingly. The status of the pre-authorization of the patient’s documents from the respective insurance company would be communicated to the patient/attendant. Post this the admission formalities would be completed.

The next step arises at the time of discharge. The final bill copy including the treatment details and the reports would be sent to the respective insurance company for the final approval. In response to this the insurance company would authorize the same and the discharge summary along with the copies of the reports are handed over to the patients.

In cases of emergency the DMO would complete the initial assessment of the patient and the GRE would aid in the admission of the patient. Following this, the GRE would collect the insurance documents from the patient and submit the same to the respective insurance company/TPA within 24 hrs. The status would be updated to the patient/attendant by the GRE. However in cases where the approval is not accepted from the insurance/TPA company the GRE would counsel the patient regarding the same and explain him/her regarding the reimbursement facility available at Virinchi Hospital. At the time of discharge proper documents including the bills, copies of the reports/tests and claims form would be handed over to the patient for reimbursement.

Package Billing

At Virinchi hospitals we have designed different kinds of health care packages pertaining to the various health care needs of the patient. Once the doctor advices a particular procedure, the GRE will counsel the patient regarding the packages available. Once the package has been chosen by the patient the hospital would not have any added/hidden costs unless there is any deviation in the plan of care.

If there exits any deviation in the plan of care, your consultant and GRE will counsel the patient/attendants regarding the same before proceeding for further treatment. In case of non package cases a tentative estimate would be given.

A complete updated list consisting of the price of all the treatment packages could be obtained on the VHC web portal/mobile app, which could be accessed 24*7. Thus educating the patient prior to the hospital visit ensuring a fair, accurate and transparent billing.


For an investigation/procedure advised by the consultant,the GRE will complete the billing formalities following which the patient would be guided to the concerned department.However the services which are not availed by the patient due to any reason after the payment is done, we have a standard policy for refund.

  • Refunds may be offered in OPD and IPD.
  • Cash paid on the same day would be refunded by cash, card refund is done through void on the same day.

If the doctor recommends a patient for refund the patient has to sign and return the original bill copy. Suppose the patient has paid the bill by cash it would be refunded on the same day or if paid by card the same day can be void. The later day’s refund amount would be paid by cheque.

In case of cancellation/ refund given to the patient the original bills have to be collected from the patient with their signatures.

Discounts & Coupons

Discounts at the hospital are given to patients in the form of vouchers and coupons. The consultants and the GREs possess these coupons/ discount vouchers. These could be used for patients below the poverty line to fulfill part of their treatment expenses.Only one coupon or voucher could be used for one patient. For deserving patients of varied strata we offer specialized discount coupons in the denominations of 5 and 10 percent. We understand our patient’s needs and situations thus helping out the patient/patient’s attendant with the discount vouchers.