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Dr Dnyanesh Chauhan


Dr Dnyanesh Chauhan is a Clinical Cardiologist in the Department of Cardiology at Virinchi Hospitals. He has overall five years’ experience in cardiology. Prior to joining Virinchi Hospitals, he worked as a Senior Resident at RLKC Metro Hospital, Heart Centre New Delhi and Kamineni Hospital, Hyderabad. He is well-versed in all aspects of cardiology and has developed many clinical skills over the years. As a Clinical Cardiologist, he has been trained in non-invasive evaluation of cardiac patients with hands-on experience in various diagnostic modalities including ECG, TEE, TMT and Echocardiography. As a Clinical Cardiologist, he provides routine outpatient care, manages cardiac emergencies and ICCU patients independently. He is adaptable, self-motivated, and loves playing cricket, travelling, cooking, web browsing and chatting with friends in his leisure time.


MBBS, Dr. V. M. Government Medical College Solapur, Maharashtra, M.U.H.S, Nashik
PGDCC (Clinical Cardiology), Metro Hospital, Noida