Dr Chauhan


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Dr Dnyanesh Chauhan is a Clinical Cardiologist in the Department of Cardiology at Virinchi Hospitals. He has overall five years’ experience in cardiology. Prior to joining Virinchi Hospitals, he worked as a Senior Resident at RLKC Metro Hospital, Heart Centre New Delhi and Kamineni Hospital, Hyderabad. He is well-versed in all aspects of cardiology and has developed many clinical skills over the years. As a Clinical Cardiologist, he has been trained in non-invasive evaluation of cardiac patients with hands-on experience in various diagnostic modalities including ECG, TEE, TMT and Echocardiography. As a Clinical Cardiologist, he provides routine outpatient care, manages cardiac emergencies and ICCU patients independently. He is adaptable, self-motivated, and loves playing cricket, travelling, cooking, web browsing and chatting with friends in his leisure time.